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Firstly, thank you for visiting my website, and congratulations on deciding to take the courageous step of changing your lifestyle!


Coming from France,  food has always been a massive part of my life -- you know what I mean!

However, after leaving France,  I traveled for over twenty years, exploring different countries and exposing my palate and body to  new types of food and eating habits. 

I learned so much from my adventures worldwide -- even more from raising my kids. My cooking skills developed tremendously thanks to consistent self-teaching and the cooking classes I had taken in a renowned cooking school in Paris. 

After a year in the United States my health began to suffer.  I started feeling stressed and bloated all the time, gained too much weight, and chronic fatigue never seemed to leave me. That being said, I’ve found that the United States offers countless opportunities to turn around unhealthy behaviors and regain balance. 


After a number of medical appointments,  I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease; an autoimmune disorder.  I was prescribed medications. My life was totally unbalanced. 

A year of this went by until I finally decided that if I want to improve my health,  I needed to change my lifestyle. And so I did, body, mind, and soul!  

I became more conscious of what I was eating, I exercised more often,  and dedicated time for meditation and reflection. After 2 years,  I had dropped 40 pounds,  started looking younger,  my sleeping patterns improved, and I became more energized and happier than ever! It was a whole new life, it’s my Nu Balanced Life!


One of the most important things my experiences have taught me is that we are enough, all by ourselves. We can’t expect change to happen externally -- we must start from the inside, out. We are an infinite source of energy and potential growth. Therefore, we should learn to direct it into building a healthy mind and body.


Meditation serves as a wonderful soothing tool in controlling all that energy and busy thoughts. Trust me when I say that meditation and mindful reflection have the power to release you towards the sky. You have the power to expand your horizons and fully unlock your potential for growth.


Now that I’ve shared my story with you, I hope you’ll share yours.  I can help support you in finding the balance you deserve in life, especially -- but not exclusively -- for the those reaching their fifties; a time when life, for some of us, brings new challenges sparked by our kids leaving the nest.


I had my training as a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which not only teaches different diets and aspects of nutrition, but also coaching techniques that I am able to apply with my clients today. 


I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness. Your well-being is much more than just a healthy diet. It's about finding a balance between the many facets of your life. A healthy diet can play a big role in how you feel physically, but to be truly well and happy means that you are actively doing the things you love. It means you are getting enough sleep and get regular physical exercise. It means you have meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose.

You are worthy of a better life. You are worthy of self-care. Prioritize your health.  




Embrace yourself !    

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