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My services 

Individual programs

These signature programs are tailor-made for you to make the most of your life and solidify good, long-lasting health, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Life is all about balance. Beyond nutrition, we will explore the changes you can make. It is my goal to help you attain your goals for a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the different proposed programs. Live better, feel better!

Health and wellness review

This is a one time, free discovery session to assess your health and wellness habits, and set any goals or lifestyle changes you may be considering. Having a clear vision of where you are heading will help keep you motivated along the way.

Your health matters!

Group programs

For those who prefer group oriented sessions, I am running 6-week group programs for people with a common health goal. It involves a 90-minute session once per week for a group of up to six persons. It allows individuals to gain the support of a group of similarly minded people, mine included. Contact me to learn more about the next group. 

Karine's cuisine

 For food enthusiasts, I will be running small group cooking classes three times a month. Two classes will be health-oriented, while the third will be a French cooking class! 

The French cuisine course I teach uses a bit more sugar! If you'd like to book a private class, feel free to contact me. Check my events to find out more about the next cooking class.


I am now regularly hosting wellness workshops. These include topics such as Ten Keys to Healthy Eating, Detox, or Energy, etc. You can find more information on these workshops on the “my events” page , or feel free to contact me if you’d like to host a workshop for your company or organization.  I would be happy to work closely with your team!

Check my events to know the date and theme of the next workshop.

Facebook groups

I run Facebook group challenges on a regular basis to help enable you to implement healthy habits from the comfort of your home. With the support of a dedicated group this process can turn out to be fun! I offer 7-day healthy habits challenges, 5-day menu prep challenges, 10-day reset challenges, and more! Check my events page to learn more about the next Facebook challenge.


Upon request, additional services are available: pantry makeover, meal prep, grocery tour. Contact me to schedule your appointment, subject to availability !

Online programs

Coming Fall 2019

Stay tuned!

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