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Karine has truly mastered her craft, and is incredibly passionate about helping others. I am so glad to have met her!


A big thank-you to Karine for her precious advice and tips. It's very nice to have someone who is listening to you and your specific needs. I highly recommend Nu Balanced Life!


I contacted Karine when I was at my worst due to health and personal issues. While my doctor was doing his job, Karine listened to me and gave me the tools I needed to regain my confidence and start feeling better. She is the architect of my well-being!


I took French baking lessons from Karine. She was a wonderful teacher and hostess and so very welcoming into her home. Her lessons were fun and the end product was always delicious! The best part was we gained the ability to replicate these creations at home!


Karine's planning and organization skills are second to none!

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